Sunday, July 1, 2012

COEX Mall (reviewed by a Jersey girl)

So for part one, we'll just start with all of the silly things that I saw, because in South Korea, there seems to be a never ending rotation of sights that amuse/make me giggle. Most of these were taken at Coex, which is said to be the largest mall in Asia, but I don't know if that's largest mall in general or largest underground mall. It was cool to see but it's pretty poorly laid out, it's like being a lab rat in the world's largest underground maze.

 Sorry store, I think Jesus has more important things to do, like grow a beard.

 There is a Kimchi museum!! It was closed!!! #Ican'tgo-on

 Trying to find a stuffed animal in Korea that will actually comfort rather than frighten a small child seems to be a difficult task. Like it's kind of cute but...what is it? Why is it missing limbs?

The Koreans and the Japanese may not always get along, but everyone can agree on Totoro. Love him!

 According to the signs, this is Jackie Chan's favorite Noodles and Dimsum...that was actually the name of the restaurant..."Jackie Chan's Favorite Noodles and Dimsum"...

 I heard a rumor that Korean couples like to wear matching outfits...turns out that's not a joke.

 Larger than life beer can surrounded by...?

 Uber hipster New Balance window display. Nothing makes me think typewriters, messenger bags, and Ray-Bans like New Balance.

 Just because you have to serve in the South Korean military doesn't mean you can't be stylish while doing it.

Best...bathroom....sign...ever. This is actually from that restaurant Mies Container I talked about in my last post. Forgot to post it before.


  1. I love your comment about New Balance. Hahaha.

    The stuffed animals are actually Japanese.. I see them all the time. Especially the second, Totoro. So popular here.

  2. Earlier people use to shop n the streets along with their near and dear one. Increased modernization and technology brought about the concepts of malls. Thanks!

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