Monday, July 2, 2012

COEX Mall: The Questionable Aquarium

I should probably warn all the animal lovers out there that the following post may be a bit disappointing. Unfortunately, I didn't get the feeling that aquariums in Asia are built for conservation as much as they are for spectacle. However, having spent the equivalent of 16,000 won to see it (it's okay, that's only like $15), I feel compelled to post some pictures of the more...let's say peculiar aspects of the Coex aquarium. For those who don't know, I love aquariums; there is something exciting but frightening about them (probably the sharks). I also live for the sea themed episodes of Planet Earth.  #nerdthings

Where the coy fish are kept, obviously. Bridge for tiny figurines only. 

This one really had me speechless...yes there are fish in there. One fish, two fish, red fish, go fish?

Exploring the depths of the deep telephone booth, fish included. 

Yup, that's a goldfish in a fake toilet bowl. I was hoping for a "please don't pee on the fish" sign. I guess it's just happy it's not getting flushed. 

 Yes there are real fish in there! Now with these appliances you can dry your fish and keep it cold.

Might be hard to have sweet dreams with creepy octopus-looking starfish things crawling above your head...but as I said before, Koreans don't value sleep like most people. 

I have nothing clever to say about this Spiderman themed mailbox fish tank...mostly because my wit usually rests on some kind of logic being present. 

Sign above larger fish tanks. My interpretation: Caution! If provoked, fish may turn into an irate Pacman and/or unhinge its jaw for the sole purpose of eating your face.

There were bats...among other non-aquatic life forms at this aquarium. However, these struck me as the most peculiar non sequitur.   

 They had an "Amazon Room"....complete with life sized "natives".

 Alright, nothing really special here, but I just love these guys. Crouching tiger, hidden turtle!

I felt terrible for these guys. Never seen an aquarium with least not underground. In fact the more I think about it, the stranger an underground aquarium's like the wrong "under" environment. 

Not gonna lie...seeing a shark swimming above your head is pretty freaky. 

I don't want to make this picture any bigger than necessary cause it terrifies me, but if anyone needed any more justification for my professed fear of it is. *cringes*

Let's end on a happier/ cuter note:
Cute little Asian girl playing with the "Love Check Aquarium". In addition to being able to breath underwater, fish in Asia also have psychic powers.

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