Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Buam-dong and Blogging for The Arrival Store!

I have been very busy since I started blogging for The Arrival Store, a great expat business which ships hard-to-find household items, and provides cell phones services, for fellow expats moving to and currently living in Korea. I'll provide links to my TAS posts on my personal blog, but I encourage you to also check out The Arrival Store Blog! The blog provides lots of great resources and advice for newcomers, as well as those who have been living in Korea for a while! You can check out my post on Buam-dong, one of the lesser known, but most beautiful neighborhoods in Seoul! I'll be doing a short series on lesser known areas in Seoul.

Here's an introductory interview I did with TAS a few weeks ago about my time in Korea! 

A glimpse of one of my favorite coffee shops in Buam-dong!

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