Monday, May 20, 2013

Korean Fire Drills: Real Fire Included

When I saw on my school's messaging system that there were going to be fire and other emergency drills I didn't think much of it. Stop. Drop. Roll. zzZZzz.

Well that's not how they do it in Korea. Korean students don't stop, drop, and roll. They get a pile of wood, some gasoline, light it up, and put that fire out themselves (with fire extinguishers and proper supervision of course, note the firetruck).

After that, the firemen sprayed everyone down with a fire hose. Not sure what kind of drill that was supposed to be, tsunami and/or flash flood drill perhaps? (Check out the student in the middle of the second picture who came prepared with an umbrella. Clearly he would have been the only real survivor in the event of a sudden down pour).

They also put smoke bombs outside the Middle School earlier in the day (totally serious), but unfortunately I missed those. Ah well, now I know to prepare for the next real fire, fire drill. 

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  1. So... did you teach/are still teaching at a public school?



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